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Strategy games have always been popular since the dawn of computer existence.In this blog we discuss about Best ios free strategy game and how to select best strategy game.

Their popularity results from their complexity, requiring players to plan and use strategy skills before luck eventually makes its appearance during playtime. 

Modern gamers get a wide variety of choices when selecting the type of game they want.

With popular titles such as Call Of Duty and Plants vs. Zombies 2, there is little doubt that this genre will continue expanding with fresh concepts for players old and new alike.

Those looking for something more diverse should try farming simulations like Farmville that provide great opportunities to survive through economic factors outside your control. 

For example, if deer suddenly turn into zombies, then it is survival of the fittest. 

Such games allow players to do more than play their cards right. They provide a virtual world in which they have to compete with other gamers worldwide.



How To Select Best iOS Free Strategy Game

Hi! This blog offers the best tips and tricks to play strategy games on your android or iOS device. So you are looking for great fun?

Strategy games can be super addicting and challenging, so here’s a list of the best games on android or iOS devices.

Hopefully, this list of the best free android and iOS strategy games will make it easy for you to find a game that is right for you.



All the strategy games are in random order, so you can choose any game you want.


7 best ios free strategy game


01. Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is a multiplayer artillery game that’s simple to learn and to an addict.

Introduce yourself to all of the different weapons you can find at the Weapon Shop before taking on an opponent in demolition-style combat. 

Pocket Tanks has many modes available, like Target Practice, where you can perfect your skills against bots instead of challenging real people, making it great for players of any age or skill level. 

Choose from one of two different control schemes. The touch-pad makes it very easy to drag your tank around the screen and aim with precision. 

You can also play using classic controls, where you’ll use the arrow keys to move and fire, which is excellent for those that want a challenge.

Because Pocket Tanks is multiplayer based, you can play against several different real people on your mobile device. 

With this mode, you’ll be able to compete in a global leader board that ranks all of the players across the world. 


Additional Information On Pocket Tanks 

Details Information
Size 104.5MB
Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Price Free, There are in-app purchases


2. Small War strategy games 

Are you a military general, or do you dream of becoming one? Now the opportunity has come with Small War strategy games offline free. 

Pick any civilization and start planning your battle strategies. Battle on a large board, but beware: Your opponent may be sitting right across from you at the nearest table, taking their turn, too. Good luck. 

The game includes two types of boards, several civilizations to choose from, and four units each. Place your pieces wisely for a potent offense or defense. 

Can you use your strategic skills to conquer the enemy? Can you lead your army to victory against any opponent? The Small War strategy games is a tactical combat board game of strategy war between two armies. 

It’s inspiring to be a military general who leads his army to victory. The game components include two types of boards, several civilizations to choose from, and four units. 

Be sure to use your strategic skills when picking which civilization you will play so that you can conquer your opponent. 


Additional Information On Small War

Details Information
Size 143.9M
Requires iOS 10.0 Or Later
Price Free, There are in-app purchases


3. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that lets you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in Clan Wars.

Join up to millions of players worldwide as you fight it out with unique troops ranging from mustachioed Barbarians to fire-wielding Wizards.

If you want even more extra excitement, then download the latest update, which includes brand new boosts like our very own dragon Rider troop or rocket balloon superweapon for taking out entire armies at once.

There’s never been an army-building game like Clash before!

– Build the ultimate village in this war strategy game, where your village is your greatest weapon.

Take control of your army and go head to head against rival clans in a multiplayer combat game unlike any other. Crush your enemies, conquer the land and build your epic dream city.

Your village is built using cartoony-looking buildings and characters that you’ll know from Clash of Clans. It was initially a spin-off/sequel to Clash of Clans, but it has since been made into its own game with much better graphics than its predecessor.

The game is free to download and play, but you can spend money on upgrading your buildings or troops to make them stronger. It’s unnecessary to spend money to play, but it can make the game a bit easier as you progress if you want.


Additional Information On Small War

Details Information
Size 330M
Requires iOS 10.0 Or Later
Price Free, There are in-app purchases


4. Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a multiplayer action-adventure game that combines strategy, defense, and offense elements in a fantasy world.The goal of the game is to conquer all enemy cities in challenging battles on a hexagon map.  

The primary resource used by the player to build units or upgrade castles is gold, which can mine from goldmines scattered throughout each level. 

Other power-ups hidden throughout each level provide unique boosts and advantages during battle – for example, special weapons spawn powerful spells or gives temporary advantages through technology upgrades.  

The single-player mode consists of multiple campaigns with predetermined maps and predefined enemies for training purposes. Once the single-player campaign has been completed, there is still more content waiting. 

The most addicting action strategy games on the market are now available for your phone.

With Stick War: Legacy, now everyone can play the game on their mobile phone.

With the highest-rated web games and one of the most popular out there, you’ll think it’s all in your head when you first start playing.

Build armies, mine gold, earn rewards in thousands of player-vs-player battles in massive levels full of enemies.

Capture territories and destroy the enemy statue for victory! It’s up to you whether you take a defensive stance or conquer as much territory as possible before challenging your opponent with an onslaught that they’ll never forget. 

Don’t wait – start playing Sticky war now.


Additional Information On Stick War: Legacy

Details Information
Size 446.4M
Requires iOS 10.0 Or Later
Price Free, There are in-app purchases


5. Cooking Voyage: Kitchen Dash

Do you have an affinity for time management titles? The idea of renovating your yacht and then traveling around the world to build your very own restaurant empire excite you so much that it makes a game worth downloading and playing with anticipation. 

Well, if I had said yes too, because Cooking Voyage: Kitchen Dash Game is my favorite type of cooking frenzy. 

Download now as this free-to-play title offers many hours filled with food madness, excitement in preparing meals from all over the globe while also managing both hungry but impatient customers at times. 

It doesn’t end there either; once completed, players can go back through their journey one more time by decorating their unique restaurants with over 1000+ furniture pieces. 

This restaurant simulation game will teach you the basics of running a successful business by taking on local cafes and mastering every aspect. Once your skills are perfect, 

it’s time for you to open your place. Cooking Voyage – Crazy chefs consider many different variables that come with cooking menus: age and healthiness levels of customers can vary significantly from one another. 

It’s up to you as a player to figure out what recipe mixings work best together, but always keep in mind that taste preferences may differ depending on who is eating them.


Additional Information On Cooking Voyage

Details Information
Size 800.8 MB
Requires iOS iOS 10.0 or later.
Price Free, There are in-app purchases

6. Warpath

Warpath is an incredible mobile experience where you can command war in the palm of your hand. 

Please choose from one of three campaigns: each with its unique story arcs, twists, and turns coupled with cinematic gameplay featuring 3D graphics and sound so authentic, it feels like you’re there! Advance through multiple battles to unlock new weapons and units, each with its unique abilities. 

Customize your forces like never before.


Additional Information On Warpath

Details Information
Size 913.7 MB
Requires iOS iOS 9.0 or later.
Price Free, There are in-app purchases


7. King Crusher

King Crusher is a game that blends turn-based strategy with epic fantasy. RPGs and have fit on one’s mobile phone perfectly.  This game Best is the best ios free strategy game

You play as the hero of your little band, undertaking quests in which you take part in grid-based battles against enemies ranging from shooting cannons to hungry animals.

With dozens of events and 12 character classes for players to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities available within King Cruser – if only it weren’t so darn expensive.

King Crusher is a grid-based turn-based game, with each character having one action per turn. The player may move their character around the map to attack any nearby enemies or choose instead to use their weapons’ offensive abilities.


Additional Information On King Crusher

Details Information
Size 913.7 MB
Requires iOS iOS 9.0 or later.
Price Free, There are in-app purchases


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