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Coin Master apk is a game published by Moon Active. Coin Master is an exciting new community-based game. This game you can play from anywhere in the world. If you expect a pirate-style game that helps you create your village by letting your friends “steal” assets, Coin Master is the game for you. Coin master apk download free.

coin master mod apk
coin master apk

In this game, you will be transformed into a pirate. Coin Master is a pirate-style game. Coin master is a pirate adventure for everyone. It is a  social  game to play your family and friends and  Invite your Facebook friends to join this game.

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What is a coin master?

Coin Master is a game project where you can always earn, develop, expand, and spend money. These will help build your village.

You can earn whatever amount you want and make money by robbing. Turn the wheel of fortune and win your destiny. These common game elements are combined into a combined game play. 

Coinmaster Apk Information: 

  1. Name – Coin Master
  2.  Package  –     com.moonactive.coinmaster
  3. Publisher –Moon Active
  4. Category Casual
  5. Version 3.5.112 (Latest)
  6. Size 58M
  7. App Features Unlimited Coins/Spins
  8. Requires Android 4.1

Build Up Your Village

At the beginning of the game, you will go to a deserted island. There you will set up your village. Start building shots at the beginning.

Here you can build houses. You can build animal shelters and gardens and you can keep boats for travel.To enhance the beauty of your village, you will need a lot of money to upgrade the game and the game. You get the ability to upgrade and unlock more new islands and more features.


Coin master mod apk
Coin master  apk

Spin wheel main treasure game

The most important feature of this game is its spin wheel coins. Where you can determine your destiny. You can try your luck that will help to win and receive gold coins, shields, Finding three currency or gold coin icons will pay you a lot of money. 

You will get three hammers to attack a village. From attacks of other players and protecting your village you need to receive a shield. Especially find the mark of 3 pink pigs that will allow you to steal some players’ money.

Collects your cards

You can have a wonderful time playing this game. There is no comparison to this game to have fun with friends and family. The game is loved all over the world. You can exchange your cards with other players to move to new lands together. Collect the cards and head to the new village at the end of the set. 

There are communities to build empires together or individually. Download this game to create your strong village to dominate all countries. Do it effortlessly.

Free spins and coins 


Coin Master is published on both Android and iOS platforms. It could just be a pirate-style match. You have to lead the army to improve your village, maintain control and loot. The match is like a remake of Pirate Kings.

Attack and Raid  Vikings

The game is very friendly and eye-catching. The graphics of the game are awesome. In this game. Looting from other players and making money. Destroy their village and earn coins. If you have thunder hummers you will destroy enemy villages.

Play with friends

Playing this game with a large community of people who run Facebook online. Meet new friends and play them, earn a lot of treasure and collect rewards. Joining millions of friends online to play this game.   It can be a lot of fun.

Coinmaster Apk Download for Android

Coin Master is not just a game, it has a community of thousands of viewers. With this game, it is possible to spend happy moments together and play together with family. This game helps to get together with friends and be social. It also helps to make new friends. There is a nice setting for socializing gamer.

Coin Master Apk Download for iOS

Coin Master App Features

Coin Master apk version of Coin Master has two features.

  • Unlimited Money – You will have a lot of money to shop and upgrade your village.
  • Unlimited Spins – You will quickly destroy the villages of other players. 

Features of the apk version

You can make a lot of money by spinning every day. By spinning every day you can get more Gold, Coins, Shields. By which you can create more layers and make your villages stronger.

The shields will protect your village from other Viking attacks. Keep up the build in your village that increases your game.

You can earn more money and cards by attacking your friend’s villages. You can even loot their villages.

If any other Vikings attack your village, you can easily attack their village and take revenge by looting.

Easy download and enjoy free with no in-app purchases.


 Pro Tips 

  1. Play with Friends
  2. Wheel of fortune
  3. Build villages
  4. Attack your enemy
  5. Collect various cards
  6. Spin slot machines
  7. Unlimited coins
  8. Unlimited spins


Installation Guide 

  1. Click on Download Button Coin Master apk
  2. Download the APK  
  3.  save it in Phone Memory or SD Card.
  4. Install the APK
  5. Open Coin Master apk.
  6. Enjoy the coin master 
  7. Download Coin Master apk for Android Free



Q: Is this apk safe

Ans ; Yes

Q: Is this apk free

Ans; Yes

Q: Developer name ?

Ans: Moonactive



The Coin Master Unlimited Spin game helps you get unlimited coins. People are very attracted to this modern version app because of the features. Enjoy unlimited spin of Coin master free app file.

Download Coin Master Apk  Latest Version 

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