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Apkparking.com usually shows the official price in Global and other countries. where the product is officially available. Illegal prices on our site are estimated worldwide. Illegal prices may vary from one store to another.

Prices and status for different devices are changing and we are trying to update the information as soon as we receive it. However, we do not guarantee that all devices on our site are available for the same price at this time and that their condition is correct.

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the details 100%. Most of the specs are collected from official sites for each product and other reliable sources. However, there is always the possibility of mistakes made by both parties during manual data entry or for other reasons.

Ratings and reviews
Ratings and reviews of each product are based on research, knowledge, understanding, opinion and the author’s experience. Based on a common understanding of specifications, market styles, prices and user feedback. Online handwriting reviews from various technical experts are also being considered in many recent updates. But many reviews have been written based on the general understanding of the specification only. Therefore, the actual user experience may vary, eg, due to the quality of the hardware and the software of the device. In addition, information about the phone varies from user to user and phone service often depends on how the user uses it. Therefore, ratings and reviews are available to provide specific information about the device and should not be taken in the fullest sense.

Product Details & Blog Posts
Historical information on individual product pages, blog posts etc is collected from authentic sources, but like the topics mentioned above, we cannot guarantee 100% data accuracy.

Where to buy the page

We have mentioned some of the store names on our “Where to Shop” page to help our visitors find out about popular stores and online stores. However, we do not guarantee that the price of our site and store prices will be the same or that you can find all the latest phones on our site in those stores. Also, all stores are responsible for their products, warranty, delivery and more. We have no affiliation with any store or product as the purpose of Apkparking.com is to remain a neutral, independent mobile information website.