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Resort Hotel Bay Story 

It is a Puzzle Game Made By WhaleApp Ltd

Resort Hotel: Bay Story  is a fun arcade and puzzle Game. Build and design the estate and turn it into a First Class Resort Hotel.Resort Hotel is a fun arcade and puzzle game. Design the property and make it into a First Class Resort Hotel.

Resort Hotel Bay Story
Resort Hotel Bay Story


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Discover Luxury Resort Hotel in a Private Beach: 


Have you ever dreamed of having a hotel business? Build a Resort Hotel on a private beach. If you prefer to manage a resort hotel on the beach. It’s time to prove your handling skills in this great hotel builder game with Resort Hotel.

Time to dive into a dream story and rebuild the entire private beach area into a luxury resort hotel. Try to bring people back to stay at your hotel. Discover new things for your Resort Hotel on a private beach. Play Resort Hotel: Bay story on your Android, Pc and Mac. Discover and Build Luxury Resort Hotel: Bay Story. Play with fun and win daily rewards. 

About This Game:

This game lets you take a memorable Match-3 journey. Resort Hotel is a fun arcade puzzle game. By solving the classical levels of three in row puzzles that will restore a family mansion. Build and design the state and turn it into a first-class resort hotel.

Solve the exciting Match 3 puzzle to become a hotel tycoon and implement this plan. Play this game and get resources to decorate the interior of the house, island, and garden escapes. Enjoy the new Match-3 game Resort Hotel Bay romantic story and create it in front of your eyes.

By playing the Resort Hotel game you can live your stories with your love, thrills, and drama. This game takes you on a fun journey through a written story where you have complete control over your destiny. You must like this game. 

Bay Story Get into the good story:

The Resort Hotel Bay story is a beautiful story that takes you on a fun journey. Here you can control your destiny all the time. The relaxing atmosphere of the game allows you to take an unforgettable Game-3 journey.

Help charming characters:

Alice comes to her uncle’s place to help with school studies around the hotel. Everything here needs to be restored or repaired. Bring back the hotel glory! To complete the restoration work, get a key. The keys in the Match 3 game are the rewards, which you can easily and quickly play. 

Solve the relaxing Match-3 puzzles:

At Resort Hotel, your goal in each of the 3 free game challenges is to make a game. Replace tiles, bubbles, and cut out rows of colored blocks. Make groups of three or more sweets to make them disappear! Provide your puzzle with the same skills and hard work.

Build a Resort Hotel: 

A skilled manager is always needed to manage a hotel. Before opening a hotel, you have to think about the customer first. Have to work keeping in mind all the opportunities and benefits of the customer. Repair old buildings first to create all the amenities for new tourists. Arrange summer places. Create a proper garden design. Upgrade your hotel in such a way that it is converted into a luxury hotel. Everyone is attracted to visit the dream luxury Resort hotel bay story.

Design The Hotel :

How to make your hotel more attractive And can be made interesting. You can play the game to your heart’s content. Think about how luxurious your luxury hotel is? You can easily make your style to play fun and make hotels as you like. 

Enjoy the lively settings of the game:

Create and design your resort hotel. It has everything you need to make it. Make your Hotel famous for being one of the top holiday destinations. 

Unique booster helps you to build easy:

Resort Hotel Bay Story

The combination of colorful booster and blast at the resort hotel makes games fun and easy! You will earn coins to complete the match 3 levels and arrange the resort with various constructions, entertainment and decorations.


Bay Story Game Features:

✿ Free to play 

✿ Exciting storyline

✿ Daily rewards

✿ Play with friends

✿ Building simulation experience

✿ Fun and intriguing characters

✿ Daily rewards

✿ Hundreds of challenging Match-3 puzzles

✿ Plenty of decoration items available

✿ Optimized for all update devices

 Play This Game On Pc:
  1. Download And Install BluStacks or your PC
  2. Search Google Play Store
  3. Look for Resort Hotel Bay story in the search bar at the top right
  4. Click to install Restore  
  5. Click The Icon on the home screen to start playing 
Resort Hotel Story Guide: 

01) Log In Every Day To Get Freebies

02) Know Your Goals

03) Save Your Moves 

04) Use The Special Tiles Wisely

05) Fill Up The Rainbow Meter

06) Don’t Waste Your Boosters

07) Open More Chests For Rewards

08) Enter The Tournaments

09) Watch Ads For Free Coins

10) Link Your Facebook Account 


Play Resort Hotel fun match 3 puzzle game and climb the top ranks. Always try to connect with your friends and team. Become a renowned hotel tycoon just matching and crushing puzzles. Flow the mysterious story of the Resort Hotel and meet new friends. See how your hotel returns from a run-down to a five-star resort once again.  

Get It From Google Play Store Here



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