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Six Guns MOD APK OBB is an outstanding first-person shooter game designed for Android, offering an immersive experience that is best enjoyed on a tablet or a high-end phone.

If you’ve ever fantasized about being a skilled gunfighter, you shouldn’t miss out on Six Guns. This game boasts incredible attention to detail and provides a challenging gameplay experience.

The best thing is that it is completely free to download and play.  All you need is a powerful device and plenty of time. The initial download and installation process may take a while, including any additional data required to play the game. However, once you’re done, you can fully immerse yourself in all the captivating features that Six Guns has to offer.

Gameloft SE, the developer behind popular games like Asphalt and Modern Combat, has once again demonstrated their ability to create exciting projects with Six Guns MOD APK. As a first-person shooter, the game puts you in the shoes of the protagonist, Buck Croshaw.

By playing this game, you not only get to delve into the life of this cowboy character but also explore the peaceful landscapes of the American West, featuring vast fields and farms.

Name Six Guns MOD Apk


Name Six Guns MOD Apk

Publisher          Gameloft SE

Genre Action

Size    424.12 MB

Version 2.9.9a

MOD Info        Unlimited Money


Gang Show Down of Game Gun


Buck Croshaw was a man who lived by a knightly code, always ready to help others and pursue villains. However, he found himself accused of killing a police officer, a false accusation that led to a death sentence.

On the day of his scheduled execution, Buck faked his death, granting him a fresh start in a new location. Upon arriving in Arizona, he encountered a group of thieves attempting to abduct a young girl. Buck’s innate kindness compelled him to intervene, sparking a bloody battle against the criminal gang and unraveling a series of strange events.

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The gameplay of Six Guns MOD APK starts with a brief cinematic introducing the main situation and recent events. Soon after, players assume control of Buck and embark on missions guided by his instructions, gradually uncovering the unfolding story.

The third-person shooter game is challenging but not excessively difficult. It requires players to possess skill, attentiveness, and quick reflexes, as there are always adversaries present.

The safety and well-being of innocent people are at stake, and as a cowboy, Buck must do everything possible to protect them. His trusty companions in this endeavor are his guns and horse, essential tools for a cowboy.

To navigate the game, players can slide the home button located at the bottom left corner of the screen. The right corner offers various actions such as acrobatics, reloading the gun, or changing directions, which can be activated by touching the corresponding buttons.

Unlike a linear mission list, Six Guns MOD APK presents numerous characters along the way. Interacting with them unveils their needs, allowing players to provide assistance. Individuals in need are indicated by an orange light circle surrounding their bodies. Upon completing a mission, players are rewarded with gold coins, experience points, and occasionally a silver badge.

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The game boasts an extensive collection of Wild West weapons and hunting gear. Guns such as Rusty, Lawmaker Revolver, Revolver Sniper Rifle, and Lee Navy Bolt-Action offer high firepower suitable for use against human enemies. However, as the storyline progresses, formidable creatures like werewolves and zombies emerge.

For such encounters, it is advisable to select guns with faster ammunition, reloading, and more magazines, such as The Fire Equalizer, Golden Flak Cannon, and Man Mower. These specialized monster-hunting weapons are often expensive and can only be obtained through silver badges.

In terms of transportation, investing in a superior horse allows for faster movement. The Grim Stallion, with its flying wings and excellent health, speed, and toughness, is a top choice. Alternatively, if 350 badges are not available, players can opt for a Spanish Mustang or an Appaloosa.

Costumes not only enhance the character’s appearance but also contribute to their overall health. Each item, such as hats, pants, shirts, hair, shoes, or a cloak, provides different attributes to the player.



Gameloft’s designers, known for their enthusiasm and skill, have once again demonstrated their talent in Six Guns MOD APK. The game features impressive 3D graphics that accurately depict the Wild West landscape, including pastures, herds of cattle, houses, and even roadside graves.

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The MOD version of the game includes plenty of in-game currency and access to Death Costumes. If you encounter a “License Error” message upon opening the game for the first time, follow these steps to resolve the issue:

1: Search for the game Trusted Source “Six Guns MOD APK.”

 2: Click on “Game Install” and cancel the download.

3: The game’s license should already be in your possession.


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In conclusion, Six Guns MOD APK is a highly popular action game available on the Android Play Store. It immerses players in the Wild West era, where cowboys and other elements of the time take center stage. The game, categorized as an action-packed third-person shooter, takes place in the past, where players assume the role of a character attempting to apprehend Buck, who has escaped from jail and fled to Arizona State. The game boasts over ten million registered players and has been downloaded more than ten million times worldwide, earning the top spot in the action games category.


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