Optical Image Stabilization Vivo OIS Technology

Optical Image Stabilization is a term you will often see on camera lenses. You may be wondering how it works and what the benefits are. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics of Optical Image Stabilization to help you better understand how it helps your photos stay clear and in focus.

Photography flagship smartphone Vivo V21 has all the great camera technology, including double exposure. Vivo, the leading global smartphone brand, has shown other surprises in the cameras of different series models. 

Vivo has brought the latest V series smartphone, V21, into the country’s market in that series. Vivo V21 is the first Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology smartphone with a selfie camera.

Vivo v21 smartphone OIS Technology
Vivo V21 OIS Camera
  1. 44MP OIS Night Selfie Technology
  2. Assurance of photos and videos with perfect professional selfies every moment of the day and night
  3. V21 is bringing groundbreaking changes in the field of night photography and night videography. 

One of the attractions of Vivo V21 is its diverse camera technology, extended RAM and sophisticated processor.

Vivo v21 smartphone
Vivo v21 smartphone

The Vivo V21 has a 44-megapixel (MP) front optical image stabilization (OIS) camera technology. OIS technology used in the rear camera, but Vivo was the first to use this technology in the front camera.

Due to OIS technology, the camera lens can rotate up to 1.3 degrees. As a result, even if the hand trembles while taking a selfie, the lens will be able to turn and take still and clear pictures. 

In addition, 44 MPE is currently the giant resolution front camera in the country’s market. Not only that, V21 uses all the great camera technology like Dual Selfie Spotlight, AI Night Portrait,

Ultra Sensing Sensor, Head Shimming for Group Photo Technology, Double Exposure, Dual View Video and Picture in Picture. In other words, Vivo has made the best use of almost all types of camera technology in the V21 phone.

vivo smartphone

The back of this smartphone has a 64MP OIS night camera with 8MP and 2MP rear cameras. Currently, Vivo is the only multinational smartphone company to use OIS technology in the front and rear cameras.

Vivo V21 is presently the only commercially sold front and rear camera OIS-enabled smartphone in the world. Another feature of the V21 is its extended RAM. The smartphone has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of ROM.

However, if you want, you can increase the RAM from ROM to 3 GB. In other words, if necessary, Vivo V21 will give up to 11 GB of RAM.


Vivo V21 Full Specifications


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The processor is also one of the attractions of the smartphone. The performance of the smartphone largely depends on the processor. So Vivo V21 uses the most modern and up-to-date processor MediaTek Dimension 600U.

The processor is further enhanced by the V21K with a 4000 mAh battery, which has 33 watt flash charging technology.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Technology 

OIS Technology optical image stabilization
OIS Technology Vivo V21


Vivo V21 Price Start is 340 to 420, US Dollar

  • Vivo V21 Price in Global  $ 340 to $ 420
  • Vivo V21 Price in India  : Rs 29,990
  • Vivo V21 Price in Pakistan  : $372
  • Vivo V21 Price in Bangladesh : Official ✭ ৳ 32,990 8/128 GB

Many people want to take creative pictures with a smartphone in hand. But in the absence of proper or advanced technology, sometimes it may not be possible to do so. Vivo V21 will implement these unfulfilled desires. ‘


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